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Impact Connector

Far better way to connect to your Impact Radius account to Google Looker Studio and visualize your data.

Auth Support

The Impact connector keeps your data secure by leveraging recommended authentication processes

Report Selector

Hassel free report selector allowing you select the report data which you want to visualise in Google Looker Studio

Custom Report Support

Apart from standard Report selection import report data for which Impact Radius provide a specialized URL.

Time Period Selection

Now change the time period from Goole Looker Studio, without touching Impact Radius Dashboard.

Impact Connector – Support

How do I Get Support for this connector

Impact Connector is very easy to use and very straightforward. It is designed in such a way that configurations are stepped and easy to understand.
In case you still need support with installing/configuring you can connect with me at Or you can fill out the Support form available below.

Can I request to a New Feature

A lot of thought processes went in while developing the Impact Connector, and it does what it was created for. But if you have an Idea to improve or just need to add a new feature to it, you can contact me at I’ll connect back post receiving the mail to understand your requirement.

There is a bug in the connector

If you found a bug in the connector please connect with me at

  • Please attach screenshots of the errors you get
  • Also give information in detail, about what you were trying to achieve when you encountered an error.

ETA for Problem Resolution or BUG / New Feature Implementation

This is a free connector, and if you have found a bug and already communicated it to me. I’ll take that up as soon as I am free from my other commitments.

  • Since it does not add up to my revenue stream, it is set at a lower priority than the other projects I am working on.
  • I Manage this connector only in my free time.
  • The bugs which needed fixing will be fixed, if urgent contact me at

Got a question?
No problem.

If you got some questions regarding the connector, or want a new feature, just fill out the form to your right and I’ll contact you to get more details.

Or you can contact me at:

Support Form

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    You can contact me on +91 7021090754 for new project.