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Oh Hello !

I’m Sameer Sakhare

I'm a web developer, I love to design solutions and build web applications. Determined to be better at what i do, passionate for good design, with an ambition to make significant impact on the web with my standards.

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Life Events

– Breathing since 1989.

– Composed my first song in 2008.

– Completed graduation in 2009.

– Completed Masters in 2012.

Loves to..

– Code.

– Try out new technologies.

– Develop custom solutions.

– Compose music, some times.

Ask For

– Intuitive UI.

– UX matters equally.

– Best practices & coding standards.

– IoT Stuff.

Currently on mind

– Web Analytics

– Ecommerce Analytics

A beautiful quote by Kent Beck –

I’m not a great programmer;

I’m just a good programmer with great habits.


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Smart Transport

Intelliboost RG600

You can contact me on +91 7021090754 for new project.