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Smart Rope – The Evolution of A Classic

By 15/08/2016March 3rd, 2018Smart Fitness

Skipping ropes was one of the pass time when we were in third or fourth grade, it was not just the game that was played for enjoyment or competition about who does the more number of skips but also helped us keeping in good shape.

We live in a time where technology is definitely shaping the way we do our day to day jobs by offering the smart devices for every task that we would like to perform. And now the old, traditional skipping rope has gone smart too.

Tangram Factory came up with this unique solutions which combines the joy of skipping ropes with smart features by making Smart Rope : TANGRAM – Smart Rope

Tangram creates IOT devices and mobile platforms in the health & fitness space, empowering people with active data they can actually use
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